MULTIPURPOSE COMMERCIAL BUILDING ON MAIN STREET!! There's an immense warehouse, office spaces, retail potential & a lot of storage! The inside spaces are vast & modern, offering a conference room, 2 kitchens & much more! FOR SALE OR LEASE!!!

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Units 3-4, 6-12: Professional office space to include shared bath, lobby, conference area with utilities provided.




3-4-Office Space

5-Shared Conference Room

6-Shared Conference Room

7-12-Office Space

13- Private Rental with bathroom

14-Private Prime Front Rental with shared bath


15-Private Prime Front Rental with shared bath

16-Larger retail space (front)

17-Private Prime Front Rental

18-19-Main Street Entrance office with upstairs office

20-Main Street Warehouse (1976 sq. ft.)

21-Warehouse (3600 sq. ft.)

22-Large Retail space with loft

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