houses for rent


Are you ready to make Johnson County your home, but not quite ready to make a full commitment to Ozark, Russellville or Clarksville? Matt Hurst owns several rental homes here in Johnson County, Arkansas. Currently, Matt manages over 30 rental areas in the county. Through his many years of experience in the business he has been over hundreds of rental properties. Matt understand that renting is not a long forever thing. He wants to get you into a place to live and help you get into a place to call home. An average, the clients that Matt rents to are usually in a position to buy a house within a year of business with him. He wants to counsel you through any financial situation that you are in and get you to the point where he can sell you a home.

The rental market here in Johnson county is in high demand. That being said, Matt can make it possible to a great place to live because he is over so many rental properties himself. He says that there are no bad locations in Johnson county, just locations that fit certain kinds of people better. If you are in college, Matt will find you a place that is as close to the college as possible. If you have a family, Matt will find a house for you to rent rather than an apartment. Location is important and Matt understands that. He will get you in the most convenient place for you specifically.

Clients always come first. Matt truly cares about your happiness. If you do not love the place you are looking at then Matt is going to look harder and find the perfect place for you. Each client is different and each house is different. Matt can see the connection between the two and promises to find a perfect fit for what you are looking for.